This is my first year teaching at Harvey Mudd. In the past, I have taught classes for non-majors, physics majors, and graduate students at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Harvard University, and the University of Toronto. I am also interested in outreach beyond the college environment: most recently, I have been involved in public tours and outreach at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, and have volunteered with the Boys and Girls Club of the Peninsula to work with underserved elementary school students on Google's CS First program and other after-school classes. I look forward to working with students and faculty on similar STEM outreach opportunities in Southern California!


Harvey Mudd College



I am currently teaching Physics 172: General Relativity and Cosmology, an upper-year elective course that is an introduction to the modern theory of gravity; and Physics 24: Mechanics and Wave Motion, an introductory core course in mechanics for freshmen. I have also recently taught Physics 111: Theoretical Mechanics and Physics 23: Special Relativity.


Past Teaching Experience

I was a lecturer for two years in the Perimeter Scholars International program, a 1-year taught Master's course in theoretical physics with excellent students from around the world. I taught a graduate-level course in Explorations in Particle Theory, with a focus on connections between particle physics and cosmology (especially dark matter). The lectures are available online at the bottom of this page.

Most of my teaching experience at Harvard University was as a Teaching Fellow in the Physics Department. I taught courses in the sequence for pre-med students (Mechanics), the introductory sequence for undergraduate physics majors (Electromagnetism, Waves), as well as a graduate course in particle physics (Quantum Field Theory III). I also worked as a Teaching Consultant at the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

For three years, I was a Resident Tutor at Harvard University's Currier House, where I lived and worked with undergraduate students and served as a physics tutor, academic advisor, LGBTQ resource person, and general resource for students living in the House. I tutored and advised students in majors ranging from Physics to Engineering to Classics.