To any student who may be interested in doing research with me: welcome! One of the reasons that particle physics is a fascinating subject to study is that it brings together many different areas of physics to answer fundamental questions about nature, including classical mechanics, relativity, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, astrophysics and cosmology. All of this means that a student starting out doing work in particle physics will have to dive in and learn as she goes - it's not possible to learn everything before starting! However, doing research in particle physics offers you the opportunity to engage with exciting current research topics while coming to a deeper understanding of many of the subjects that you encounter in the physics major course sequence.

For beginning researchers (and particularly more junior students), you will begin with some readings on the topic of your project to get yourself acquainted with concepts needed for your work. Your project will likely involve numerical work or simulations that allow you to get started quickly and learn as you go. For those interested in more analytical or theoretical topics, we will chart a path to give you the necessary prerequisite knowledge for your project, including directed reading courses or mapping out a sequence of classes prior to or concurrent with the start of your research.

If you are considering doing research in particle physics, please email me or come by my office to say hi! I'd love to learn more about you and your interests, and you can hear more about what I'm working on.


Research Students 2019-2020

Past Students

  • Jatin Abacousnac ‘19 (thesis 2018-19), Ph.D. student in soft matter physics at NYU

  • Anna Barth ‘21 (summer 2018)

  • Andrés Cook ‘21 (summer 2018)

  • Haoxing Du ‘19 (spring 2019), Perimeter Scholars International student